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Choosing a sheet or blanket for your horse can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn't have to be difficult. First, you'll want to measure your horse to ensure a proper fit. Take a tape measure and go from the center of your horse's chest to the furthest  rear point of the rump in inches. Always consult the size chart if one is available, but most American blankets are sized in 2" increments; if your horse is in between sizes, size up.
Next, you'll want to chose a general style of blanket. A standard neck turnout blanket will work for most horses, but there are also high or mid-neck styles that are a great option for broader horses, or ones prone to chills. Another option that works well for clipped horses is the full neck cover that is built in to the turnout or available as a separate piece that can be removed or attached as needed.
After you have the general style, you'll want to decide on the general denier of the fabric. In general a 600d is good for horses that are blanket-friendly and don't put a lot of wear and tear on their blankets. If your horse likes to play hard out in the field look for a blanket with a 1000d or higher, with ballistic weave material being the strongest, and priciest of fabrics. 
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WeatherBeeta Joules Lite Fiona Spot Turnout Blanket
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Centaur Ultra Turnout Sheet
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$117.95 $129.95
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WeatherBeeta Genero Light Weight Turnout Horse Blanket
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$61.95 - $67.95 $74.99
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