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Skin Supplements for Horses

Every Horse Owners Goal - a Beautiful Shiny Coat!

Keeping the outside of your horse healthy and clean can be a challenge. Although not often thought of as an organ, the skin is the largest organ of the body. The hooves can be thought of as an extension of the skin, as they are composed of similar building blocks. It takes good nutrition and the right supplements to keep the skin and hooves in tip top shape.

The skin is designed to serve several functions. It forms a protective barrier against the environment, parasites, disease, insects, temperature, and ultraviolet light. It has sweat glands and blood vessels that aid in thermo-regulation. It is rich in nerve endings and can sense the slightest touch, such as a fly landing. The skin also contains the hair follicles that produce the beautiful coat that we see.

Keeping a slick, shiny hair coat takes time and elbow grease. A few things to keep in mind when trying to produce that shine:

  • Don't over bathe. Your horse's skin produces oils to help keep it healthy. To much bathing can remove these oils.
  • Feed your horse an Omega Fatty Acid supplement
  • Use a flyspray with sunscreen to keep your horse's coat from fading in the summer
  • If your horse has a dull coat, crusts in the hair or skin, or hair loss, contact your veterinarian. These can be signs of an underlying medical problem.
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