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Horse Weight Supplements

Horses and weight are about the same as people.  If your horse expends more calories than he consumes, he will lose weight.  But, just like people, some horses seem to have a hollow leg ... they eat and eat but still look too thin.  Weight gain supplements are designed to add fat and calories to your horses diet without adding massive amounts of additional food.

Before you resort to a weight gain supplement, you should do some investigating as to why your horse isn't keeping his weight up.  There may be several factors at work.  It may be that your horse is just naturally slender, some breeds tend to be slim, others heavy.   Or, your horse may be a competitive athlete, and, like an Olympic swimmer, his work requires massive amounts of calories.  In these cases, a supplement may be appropriate.

On the other hand, if your horse has a parasite load that is robbing him of nutrition, he needs a wormer, not a supplement.  You should also have his teeth checked.  Dental issues can cause horses to have eating difficulties, leading to weight loss.

Some other things to try:  Feed your horse alone.  If he is low in the herd pecking order, other horses may not be letting him eat.  If  he is older, try a senior feed.  Senior feeds are generally easier to digest.       


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