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Horse Digestive Supplements

For big, strong animals, horses have extremely sensitive digestive systems.  Their guts naturally evolved to graze all day long, processing large amounts of relatively nutrition-poor forage.  Modern horse stabling and training means we are often feeding them concentrated, high nutrition grains, along with a couple of scheduled hay feedings.    
Frequently, the result of this type of feeding is either gastric ulcers, or an unhealthy hindgut, or both.  While you may not be able to completely alter your horse's feeding routine (all day pasture, even if available, may not provide enough nutrition for high level competition horse), you can help by feeding probiotics for hind gut health.  If you suspect gastric ulcers, which are common among stabled horses, consult with your vet, and then introduce an acid reduction treatment, like UlcerGard. 
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