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Horse Liniments And Poultices

Liniments and Poultices have been around horse barns for as long as there have been horse barns! Generally designed to reduce heat, swelling, and general discomfort, liniments and poultices are used to provide temporary relief from non- acute discomfort. 

Most Liniments use alcohol or other ingredients, such as witch hazel or menthol to create a "cooling" affect.  As such, its important not to use them on any sort of open wound or irritated skin.  They can really sting!

Poultices, on the other hand, are usually thicker and meant to stay on the leg to help reduce swelling. In some training barns, using poultices is a standard, daily practice.  Other find that standing wraps are as effective, and easier to manage.

Bottom line, if your horse has consistent problems with stocking up, stiffness, and lameness, it's probably time to call the vet.   Liniments and poultices may be part of the solution, but it's best to know what the underlying problem is first!        
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