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Horse Fly Sprays

Protect Your Horse and from Biting Insects 

For instant fly relief, nothing beats a good fly spray.  Just a quick mist and your horse will be instantly fly free, and probably taking a big relaxing deep breathe as well! Fly sprays come in a variety of different formulas and what works best will depend on your horse's living environment, what region you live in and even your horse's skin.
Does your horse spend most of his days out in the field? Try our line of fly sprays that last for several days, such as Farnam Tri-Tec14, Absorbine UltraShield EX and Farnam Endure. Many of these fly sprays are also sweat and water resistant.
Want a fly spray that will also condition your horses' coat? Try Officinalis DER Spray that naturally repels insects and will leave your horse's coat soft and shiny. Pyranha Insecticide Aerosol is perfect for shows with the bright, lustrous sheen after brushing.
Looking for an all natural insect repellent that contains no insecticides? Try these sprays that use plant-based ingredients, Ultra Shield Green, Farnam Nature's Defense and EQyss Marigold Spray. These are also a great option for horses that are sensitive to chemical sprays.
If you live in an area where Lyme Disease is prevalent, you'll want to look for a fly spray that also kills and repels ticks. Many of the multi-day protective fly sprays also repel ticks. For other options checkout Pyranha Spray & Wipe, Absorbine Bug Block and Farnam Bite Free.

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, shop for for Horses Fly Sprays from top brands like FarnamAbsorbineOfficinalis BotanicalsPyranha  on Equestrian Collections - where you will find the most selection of Apparel, Equipment & Supplements at every day low prices.


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