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Keep your Horse or Pony Cleaner, more Comfortable & Protected from the Sun.

Why does my horse or pony need a sheet?

If it's summer, and you are concerned about keeping your horse clean; if you go to shows and you NEED your horse clean; if you live in a warm climate and blankets are too heavy; then you probably want a sheet  for your horse or pony! 

Horse sheets and pony sheets come in a variety of fabrics, most frequently cotton, nylon, or microfiber.  They tend to be cool and lightweight, and are intended to keep your horse cool and clean.

Remember, traditional sheets are not generally intended for turnout!  If you have a rough tumble horse, or turn out in a herd, you probably want a lightweight TURNOUT sheet, not a traditional sheet.

In addition to horse sheets that keep your horse clean and shiny, there are sheets with therapeutic properties, and horse sheets that can be customized (perfect for show awards!). 

Hot, sticky, and buggy? Sheet too warm?  If a sheet isn't the right answer, it may be that what you really want is a fly sheet.  If you want maximum ventilation, and minimum bug irritation, check out Equestrian Collections selection of Fly Protection

Not sure if you need a traditional Sheet or a Turnout Sheet ? Click on Hints for Your Horse to find out!

Centaur EZ-Care Summer Sheet
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Centaur California Dust Sheet
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