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Everything You Need to Care for Your Horse's Hooves!

As the old saying goes, "No Hoof, No Horse!"  In order to keep your horse performing at his best, you've got to keep his hooves healthy.  From daily care, such as cleaning his feet with a Hoof Pick, to regular professional trims and shoes from a farrier, to Studs for competition, your horse's feet take lots of attention.

At Equestrian Collections, you can choose from a wide variety of  tools, such as Hoof Picks for daily use, to professional Farrier Tools to keep your horses feet trimmed and shaped correctly.  Depending upon your stabling environment, you may want to choose a Hoof Treatment to add moisture, or to dry out the feet.  Once you've got your horses' feet in tip top shape, make them look their best with a Hoof  Polish.

If you are an Eventer, Open Jumper, or compete in Combined Driving, you may need to consider Studs for your horse. Studs screw into your horse's shoes to add traction in differing footing.  Equestrian Collections carries a wide variety of studs and tools to help manage your competitive horse.        
Pharmaka Pedocan Hoof Oil 1000 ml
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