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Horse Korsteel

JP Korsteel offers a marvelous selection of bits, spurs, and stirrup irons for the equestrian at very affordable prices.  The JP Korsteel collection includes:

  • JP Korsteel's Curved Design is available in all varieties of Dee Snaffle, Hunter Dee Snaffle, Loose Ring Snaffle, Eggbutt Snaffle, Full Cheek Snaffle and French Link Bits.  This unique design encourages relaxation and salivation by its comfortable fit design.
  • Korsteel Spurs designed and constructed for all riding disciplines, and every level horse and rider for pleasure, training and competition. 
  • Korsteel Stirrup Irons also offer stirrups for all levels of rider.  Korsteel manufactures quality stainless steel stirrups, and  Korsteel Hyper Nylon Plastic Stirrup Irons, a high tech, lightweight stirrup that is sure to keep your feet in your stirrups.
  • Korsteel offers replacement and add-on parts to meet your every need. 

Choose from Korsteel's wide variety of  riding products for you and your horse.  You will be amazed with resulting comfort, work ethic, and durability of all Korsteel products. 

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, shop for for Horses on Equestrian Collections - where you will find the most selection of Apparel, Equipment & Supplements at every day low prices.


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