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Horse Equi-aid Products

 Equi-Aid Daily Dewormers, and Psyllium Fiber, Products for your horse, developed to keep your horse healthy and fit, are among the most popular products available today.

Equi-Aid Daily Dewormers is the best daily dewormer value, and just as effective as Strongid.

  • Contains pyrantel tartrate, the same active ingredient in Strongid daily dewormers
  • Provides continuous protection against 18 species and stages of equine parasites
  • Highly palatable and easy to feed
  • Choose single strength or double strength
  • Safe for horses of all ages, including foals, mares, and stallions

Equi-Aid Natural Psyllium Fiber, natural Psyllium Fiber Powder, or Pellets

  • May help reduce the possibility of digestive colic in horses
  • Psyllium hydrophilic mucilliod, a natural, bulk-forming fiber
  • Absorbs moisture to soften the stool and add bulk - to keep things moving through your horse's intestinal tract
  • Ideal for horses that graze on rocky or sandy soil

If you own a horse, then you know that caring for your horse's dietary needs is critical.  Equi-Aid's Daily Dewormers and Natural Psyllium Fiber Products will give you peace of mind, and your horse a healthy, lasting life.


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