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Find the Perfect Weatherbeeta Blankets, Sheets and Rugs for Your Horse

Keep Your Horse Cozy, Whatever the Weather!

Shop the full Collection of WeatherBeeta horse blankets and sheets and pony blankets and sheets.

WeatherBeeta turnouts, WeatherBeeta stable blankets and fly sheets are available in all this season' s colors and a full range of sizes from pony to large horse. 

Whatever the Weather - WeatherBeeta!
How to fit your WeatherBeeta Freestyle blanket.
WeatherBeeta horse clothing is designed to fit your horse as securely, safely and as comfortably as possible. This ensures complete protection while giving you peace of mind that your horse clothing will stay in place, performing reliably all day long. It is very important to make sure that any sheet or blanket you put on your horse fits properly to ensure your horse’s comfort and safety. An improperly fitted blanket can cause shoulder and wither rubs and can actually endanger your horse, especially if the blanket is too big.
Here’s how to measure your horse for a WeatherBeeta blanket – and then fit your new blanket. Why not print this guide out and pin it up on your stable wall as a reminder?
Step 1: Measure your horse to find the right size.
Measure from Chest to Tail - from the centre of the chest to the furthest rear point of the rump measuring along the side of the horse. Refer to the Universal Size Chart on the product page of the blanket that you are considering to determine the right size blanket based on your horse's measurement.
Step 2: Check that your rug/blanket fits. Your horse's blanket fits when the chest closure is secured on approximately the middle adjustment and the top of the tail flap falls at the top of the tail.
Step 3: Fasten and adjust the straps.
a. Chest Straps - fasten chest straps so fabric overlaps at the chest and the Freestyle Dart sits at the front of the shoulder point.
b. Leg Straps - pass the left leg strap between the hind legs and fasten to the left hand dee-ring. Cross the right leg strap through the left leg strap and fasten to the right hand dee-ring. Ensure the leg straps are adjusted so you can only fit a hand's width between each leg strap and each of your horse's thighs.
c. Surcingles - fasten belly surcingles and adjust straps to allow a hand's width between straps and belly. That’s it! Your horse is now ready to enjoy the unique comfort, protection and reliable fit of your WeatherBeeta horse blanket.

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