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Horse Pfizer Animal Health

Pfizer, the world's largest leader in the discovery, development, and manufacture of veterinary- prescription medicines, provide a full compliment of prescription and over-the-counter therapies for horses and the family pet ensuring that your companion animals live longer, healthier lives. 

Pfizer's commitment does not stop with veterinary products.  Pfizer Animal Health also provides excellent technical support and services to help veterinary customers prevent and effectively treat animal illness, in more than 60 countries around the world.

Nearly every horse owner has experienced the anxiety of an equine medical emergency.  In actuality, many emergency calls never have to happen! 

Certain kinds of colic, lameness, some foaling conditions and nearly all common equine diseases are examples of "potential" emergencies that may be prevented through twice-a-year wellness exams, routine vaccinations and year-round parasite control.

Pfizer is proud to offer lifesaving and health maintenance products for your horse, and comprehensive information for ensuring the health and quality of life resources and support for all owners at every level, from the professional horse athlete to the easy-living pleasure horse.

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