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Horse Myler Bits

Experience the Difference That a Comfortable Bit Can Make for Your Horse

The creators of Myler Bits®, Ron, Dale and Bob Myler, offer a philosophy of comfort for the horse with each of their bits. The bit is a communication tool, and to effectively communicate with your horse, he must be relaxed. If your horse is resistant, he is not effectively receiving your message and needs a different bit which allows him to relax.
The Myler bitting system is designed around the concept of tongue relief. In a traditional single jointed bit, when pressure is applied to the reins it creates a "nutcracker" effect, by collapsing onto the tongue, which makes it difficult for the horse to swallow. When a horse is unable to swallow, they are unable to move forward in a relaxed and comfortable frame.

Recognize the Signs of Resistance

  • Going behind the bit
  • Going above the bit (inversion)
  • Chewing, overactive mouth, tongue outside of the mouth
  • Running through the bit, pulling, or not stopping
  • Heavy on the forehand, leaning on the bit
  • Putting tongue over the bit
  • Sucking tongue into the back of the throat

If your horse exhibits these symptoms, and all dental and medical reasons have been eliminated, try a Myler Bit. 


Myler Parelli Shank Bit B2
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