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Designed with the Horse in Mind

Every horse and rider combination has specific needs and Myler bits are created to work in a system to address these needs directly. As the needs of the horse and rider change over time and progress it may become necessary to change bits and Myler's level system makes it easy to adjust.

Understanding the Myler Bitting System Levels

 Level One
• Horse has just begun training or has had little training
• Is learning basic gaits, transitions and obedience
• Has begun to “break at the poll”

Level Two
• Basic training is established
• Relaxed at the poll; holds position when rein is released
• Possesses more complex skills such as bending, collection, side passes and lead changes

Level Three
• Horse considered broke or finished; willing to obey commands
• Relaxed at the poll
• Possesses advanced skills; works well off seat, legs and hands
When considering the correct level of bit for your horse you'll also want to take into account your riding ability and discipline.
If you compete you'll also want to check with your sport's governing body to confirm which bits are legal for your event. 
Myler Parelli Shank Bit B2
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