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Safely Wash Your Saddle Pads and Horse Blankets
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Keep your tack and saddle supple and clean with regular use of leather cleaning products and conditioners.  It protects your investment and also keeps tack from rotting and breaking, which could be a safety hazard.  

Choose an oil for basic oiling of new tack and maintenance of older tack, a cleaner for removing sweat and grime and a conditioner to keep the leather in soft and supple. Tack that is not cared for this way will become dry and cracked and can ultimately become brittle and break. Using the correct products will not only make your tack look and feel good, it will also make for a safer ride for both you and your horse.

Washing your horse blankets during and at the end of the winter season, will lengthen the use of your blankets and keep their waterproofing in tact. These products are made specifically for horse blankets and are effective cleaners without damaging the integrity of your blanket.

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