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    What kind of Safety Gear do I need for Horseback Riding?

    At the basic levels you'll need at least an ASTM/SEI Certified Riding Helmet any time that you are mounted on a horse, and many riding schools are now requiring them any time that you are handling a horse. As technology has improved, riding helmets have become very comfortable, with ventilation for air flow and are now lightweight and low-profile. There are a variety of designs available from formal show helmets to schooling helmets with fun colors and designs, and even helmets with a Western theme.
    Body Protectors are another great safety option. These are required wear for cross country schooling and combined driving, but are becoming increasingly popular in other disciplines and for daily schooling. The latest technology in riding safety are air vests, which inflate only if you should become disconnected from your horse and provide another layer of protection without adding bulk.
    Fitting a helmet
    Find the size you need by having a friend take a cloth tape measure and measuring the circumference of your head right above the eye brows. You'll want to make sure that the tape stay level and that you're wearing your hair as you would while riding. Keep this measurement to choose the correct size according to the size chart available for the helmet. When you try the helmet on for the first time you'll want to make sure that it fits securely and comfortably and does not tip forward or back.

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