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Choose the reins to suit your bridle and the discipline you ride.

English reins come in a wide variety of styles.  In general, the reins you choose will be based on the discipline you ride, and then your personal preference regarding the "feel" you prefer.  Plus, with the exception of "rainbow reins" used in training, you will always want to match your rein color to your bridle color.  (Hint - If you stick to the same brand as your bridle, you will find the color match a bit easier.  Each manufacturer has slightly different dye colors)    
Kincade Rubber Rein Stops
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Vespucci Fancy Raised Laced Reins
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Vespucci Square Raised Laced Reins
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Vespucci Web Reins
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Vespucci Rubber Reins
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Dressage riders generally use a black, plain rein. If you like a bit more grip, you can use matching black stops, or go to a black web or rubber rein. The general idea is for a dressage rein to look simple and unobtrusive. Ride a big Warmblood? You might consider an extra long rein.
Traditionally, Hunter riders use a brown braided rein. The braid provide the grip needed for jumping, and was the traditional choice before high tech options like rubber and web were easily available. If you are riding a hunter, always go traditional when in doubt!
Jumper and Event riders typically pick reins based solely on utility! They need a good, solid, non-slip grip, and in the case of event riders, they need to maintain that grip when wet. Web reins and rubber reins are good choices, or if you want a leather rein, rubber stops on the rein helps.
Of course there are a myriad of specialty reins as well! Rainbow reins have colors to help trainers communicate exactly where they want a riders hands (and kids love them!). Long lines are basically like driving reins, allowing you to walk behind and to the side of your horse while training. Draw reins are a training aid that controls a horse's head position while riding, somewhat like side reins do while lunging. Remember NEVER use draw reins while jumping!

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