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Protect your Horse's Skin & Coat With a Fly Sheet and a Fly Hood!
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Got Flies?  Protect your horse and keep him comfortable with a Fly Sheet!

A good Fly Sheet will keep irritating insects off your horse, and many have the added advantage of protecting your horse from sun, without being as hot as a solid sheet. 

Most horse fly sheets keep off the flies by their inherent design - draping around the horse to cover all those sensitive areas. A new generation of horse fly sheets discourage flies from coming on to the horse in the first place. These are impregnated with a fly repellent that will last through many washes.
Need still more protection?  Add a fly hood or neck cover to your sheet.  A fly hood extends the area of protection up the horses neck.  Just be sure to purchase a hood that matches your sheet.  Manufacturers use different attachment methods, so fly hoods aren't universal.  

What Type of Fly Sheet is Best for My Horse?

If you have a horse that lives outside, or is sensitive to insect bites, consider a fly sheet that provides full body protection with a neck cover and a belly guard. UV protection is also a plus for any horse living out of doors, particularly those with white hair. 
If you need to repel flies and insects as well as protect against them consider our selection of fly sheets treated with insect repellents
Need fly protection while you ride? Checkout our full fly protection riding sheets that are designed be used when your horse is saddled.

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