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English Technical Stirrups

Sore Knees or Ankles? Try Technical Stirrups!

Until recently, basic English stirrups were much the same as they were hundreds of years ago - simple metal pieces that held the foot. 

In recent years, innovative equestrian designers have begun to apply new technologies and materials to stirrups with fantastic results!  You can now purchase a stirrup that flexes to match your foot angle, or that rotates to the appropriate degree to match your knees and hips.  Many riders have found that these flex stirrups have alleviated much of the pain in their ankles, knees and hips because they are able to ride in an ergonomically correct position.

In addition to flexibility, stirrups are available in a wide range of new materials. Composites (metal combined with another material such as carbon) allow stirrups to be strong, yet impossibly light.  This can make a huge difference in disciplines such as Eventing and Endurance where tack weight is a factor.       

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