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Add a Blanket Liner under your Horse or Pony's Blanket

For Additional Warmth and Protection Against Rubbing,

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Blanket Liners and Underlayers solve two problems.... rubs and warmth.

Reduce Rubs:

Rubs are a common problem among blanketed horses. Because horses are so active, there is a tendency for blankets to rub "hot spots" onto a horse's hair coat. Some horses get rubs so bad that the hair is completely removed.

Using a correctly fitted blanket is the best defense against blanket rubs, but sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, your horse still gets rubs.  In this case, you need a blanket liner.  These liners are often made of lycra, or some other soft stretchy material; they fit snugly on your horse so their blanket moves over the liner, not their hair coat.  

Increase Warmth:

The other feature of a liner is to keep your horse warmer.  Increasingly, horse blankets are coming with "liner options".  These insulating liners are designed to fit specific blankets, and allow you chose the level of warmth you need for your horse.  For example, you  could add the liner for night, and take it off during the warmth of the day - without ever removing the blanket!     

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