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Protect Yourself While Riding With a Body Protector

Body Protectors, long a staple with eventers and steeplechase riders, are now being seen in more and more equestrian disciplines.  From hunter/jumpers,  to hard core trail riders, to rodeo bronc riders, more and more riders are wearing body protectors as well as riding helmets for safety.  

Once considered bulky and difficult to ride in, Equestrian Body Protectors are now much more streamlined, lighter, and more flexible.  In a well fitting body protector, you will probably forget you have it on - until you take a bad spill and realize you've probably saved yourself from serious injury! 

A recent innovation in riding body protection is the air bag vest, which features a special CO2 cartridge that releases in the event of a fall to help cushion, similar to an air bag in a car. This vest is used in conjunction with a standard body protector as an added layer of protection.


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