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Why buy a specifically designed riding jacket when you could get a jacket at any store in the mall? There are lots of reasons!  Riding jackets are specially designed to meet the needs of equestrians and farm/ranch work.  Riding jackets made by equestrian companies like Horseware of Ireland, Mountain Horse, or Horze, riding jackets have features you won't find in a typical winter coat:  extra shoulder room for jumping, no chatter zippers (nothing like spooking a fresh horse with zipper noise!!), hoods that fit over (or under!) helmets.  These types of features in your riding jackets can make your winter riding experience so much better.  Of course, if you farm or ranch, riding jackets need to handle the rough world of ranch work.        
Choose a riding jacket based on your location and weather conditions - Raincoats for wet weather, down jackets for extreme cold, parkas for severe winter storms, or light to medium jackets for milder conditions. 
If you show, Equestrian Collections also has an extensive collection of Show Jackets.  

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, shop for KidsLadiesMen Jackets from top brands like Horseware for RidersAriat Horze EquestrianMountain Horse on Equestrian Collections - where you will find the most selection of Apparel and Accessories at every day low prices.


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