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The saddle pad you choose will primarily be driven by the kind of saddle that you have and the riding discipline you perform. The first choice to make is between English Saddle Pads and Western Saddle Pads.  For most needs, choose from the selection of full saddle pads that go under the saddle and down the flaps.  For added protection or to adjust how the saddle is seated on the horse, a half pad selection is available.
Once the primary choice is made, more choices will become available, so that you can choose, for instance, from our wide selection of Dressage Saddle Pads, All Purpose Saddle Pads and also
Close Contact Saddle Pads.
We also offer a full selection of saddle pad accessories, including shims to help correct saddle pad fit and orthopedic insets to protect your horse's back. 
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About Saddle Pads from Wikipedia

English saddles typically use a shaped pad, called a "numnah" in British English. The original purpose of the English saddle pad was simply to protect the saddle from dirt and sweat, as the panels of the English saddle provided the necessary padding and protection for the horse. It was a simple pad, either a neutral shade designed to be nearly invisible under the saddle, or, more recently, white, and shaped to fit the outline of the saddle. Today, English style pads are also used to alter the balance of a saddle and to compensate for fit problems. In addition, square pads, called saddlecloths in the UK and Australia, have become a popular style for eventing, show jumping and dressage, in part because of the ability to add insignia to the corners. They are also popular with children and casual riders because they are available in a wide range of bright colors. There are additional new types of English saddle pads such as the "riser" pad, which is thicker in the back than the front. Other pads are made with an opening to allow extra room for the withers of the horse, some are shaped to compensate for lordosis or swayback, and many modern "space age" materials are used, such as gel or memory foam to absorb shock, and modern synthetic materials with wicking properties to absorb moisture. History and more...

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