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Horse Standing Wraps, No Bow Wraps and Pillow Wraps -

Standing Wraps and Pillow Wraps are Must Have Items!

There are many reason's to wrap a horse's lower legs - injury, shipping, reduction of post work out swelling.

Because of horse's unique circulatory system, care must be taken when wrapping their legs. If a wrap is too tight, and left on too long, it can impede a horse's circulation and cause injury to the tendons.  For this reason, legs are generally wrapped in a two step process.  First the leg is wrapped in a "cushion," generally referred to as a pillow wrap or no-bow wrap, and then it is wrapped in a "standing wrap" to provide support.  Standing Wraps are less stretchy than polo wraps, and so are more supportive.   

Every responsible horseman should have a set of standing wraps and pillow wraps in their tack box.  

Centaur Track Bandage
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