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Protect Your Head with ASTM/SEI Certified Helmets

How Do I fit a Riding Helmet?
In order to protect you properly, your helmet has to fit correctly. A loose helmet can become a liability by sliding over your eyes when you ride and can even slide off your head in the event of a fall.
First, you'll want to make sure that your hair is styled how you'll wear it under your helmet. Then, you'll want to take a tape measure around the circumference of your head right above your eyebrows, making sure to keep the tape level. Most of our helmets have a size chart to the right of the drop down menu that will allow you to easily convert this measurement into traditional hat sizing.
Some things to consider when choosing a riding helmet:           
  • Soft padding, fancier decorations and higher tech materials don't necessarily mean you have a safer riding helmet.
  • Riding Helmets need to be replaced every two to five years, depending on how frequently you ride.
  • ALWAYS replace your riding helmet after an accident.  You may not see damage, but there could be microscopic cracks that affect its safety performance 
  • Always choose a riding helmet that is SEI/ASTM approved.  It is easy on Equestrian Collections - we only carry SEI/ASTM approved helmets!
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At Equestrian Collections, we are firm advocates of Riding Helmets. While no piece of safety equipment can keep you safe all the time, we believe that all riders should wear ASTM/SEI certified riding helmets any time they are mounted. As such we are proud sponsors of Riders4Helmets.
Horseback Riding Helmets have come a long way since the velvet "hard hats" of yesteryear. English Show Helmets maintain the traditional look of the velvet hunt cap, but are padded, comfortable, vented for airflow and MUCH safer than the old caps. For the schooling rider, Troxel , Ovation and many other brands have large selections of reasonably priced schooling helmets, many which have adjustable fits so your young rider will not grow out of them in a single season.
The Rules:
According to USEF rules, it is compulsory for riders in all Hunter, Jumper and Hunt Seat Equitation classes, both open and breed restricted, where jumping is required and when jumping anywhere on the competition groups, to wear properly fastened protective headgear which meets or exceeds ASTM/SEI standards for equestrian use.
For Eventing, anyone mounted on a horse must wear a ASTM/SEI approved helmet at all times when on competition grounds at U.S. nationally rated eventing competitions.
As of March 1 2011, for Dressage, anyone mounted on a horse must wear protective headgear, except those rider age 18 and over while on horses competing only in FEI levels and test at the Prix St. Georges level and above. And the Western rider is no longer left out in regards to riding helmets.
Western Riding Helmets are required in many youth speed and rodeo events, and increasingly even the adults are donning helmets for rodeo events.

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