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Everyone's gotta eat!  For your horse, that probably means hay, grain, and perhaps bran mash.  You could just throw it on the ground, but that's not a good idea.  Not only does it waste feed because your horse will likely stomp all over it, but it can be dangerous to your horse's health because he will ingest sand, dirt and shavings along with this food.  Over time this can lead to colic.  
For hay, your best bet is a hay bag or net.  This contains the hay, and the small holes force the horse to eat slowly, which better mimics natural grazing.  For grain or mashes, a low sided feeder, or feed tub is ideal.  Consider a soft, yet sturdy rubber one.  Horses tend to step in, on, and around their feed tubs.  The hard plastic ones can flip up and cause injury when stepped on.   Are you soaking feed?  Try a feed bucket cover.  They are great for keeping flies off!   
What about water?  If you are watering via a bucket, you'll want a flat backed bucket.  The flat side will sit against a solid wall and keep the bucket much more stable. There will be a lot less movement of the bucket (and therefore less spillage) when your horse drinks.     

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