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What Type of Riding Pants Should I Choose?
There are a number of different styles of riding pants to choose from with the most basic types being breeches, which are designed to be worn inside or under the riding boots and jodphurs, which are designed to go overtop of a pair of short riding boots. All equestrian pants are designed to be worn while riding; the seam placement is designed to not rub while while sitting in the saddle and the close-fitted style is designed to reduce fabric bunching which could also cause rubs.
There are two main styles of riding breeches. Fullseat breeches feature a leather or synthetic patch that goes around the inside of the seat. This style provides superior grip and is heavily favored by dressage riders; it is also popular with eventers and anyone who prefers to have a little extra security in the saddle. Generally white fullseat breeches are favored in the dressage show ring, while tan or beige is worn for other disciplines. Knee patch breeches feature a wear or grip patch just at the knee; this style of breeches are worn by most other English disciplines. A subset of knee patch breeches are equroseat breeches; these feature the seam style of the fullseat breeches, but have only the patch at the knee. Euroseat breeches may be worn whenever knee patch breeches are appropriate. Tan or beige breeches are standard in hunter and jumper classes, although white breeches may be appropriate in some classes.
The other style of riding pants are jodphurs. Jodphurs are commonly worn by young children on ponies before they graduate to wearing tall boots. The classic children's jod features a cuffed bottom and is worn over top of a paddock boot. Tan or beige is appropriate for children's jods in the show ring. The other style of jodphurs are the Kentucky Jod; this style features a longer bootcut design and is commonly worn by saddleseat riders with patent leather, short jodphur boots. For the show ring the pants should coordinate with the riders' suit.  
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