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Dress and Dressage Boots

What Are Dress Boots? 

 Dress Boots are what many people think of when they imagine traditional English tall riding boots. The are generally black, come up to just at the knee, and are slightly taller on the outside of the boots to enhance the length of the leg (this is referred to as a "Spanish Top"). Dressage Boots are a form of Dress Boot. The Dressage boot is built slanted more forward than the Dress boot and is generally constructed of a stiffer leather and has a stiff spine along the back seam of the boot. This stiffening nearly eliminates the amount of “drop” the boot will have at the ankle, facilitating the longer leg used in dressage riding.
Fitting a Tall Boot 
In order to find the best fit in a tall riding boot you'll need to measure yourself. In order to get the most accurate measurements you'll want to dress in your riding attire and ideally have another person measure you with a cloth tape. There are two measurements that you'll need, the height and the calf. Sitting in a chair with your knee at a 90 degree angle take a tape from the floor to the middle of the back of your knee for the height. For the calf measurement you'll want to stay seated and then take the tape around the widest part of your calf muscle. You'll then want to compare these measurements to the size chart listed to the right of the drop down menu on the product page. 
Dublin Ladies On Air Dress Boots
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 Mountain Horse Ladies Firenze Dress Boot
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