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Fly Leg Protection

Use Wraps and Boots to Protect Your Horse From Biting Flies
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It's hot; the flies are swarming; and your horse is stomping...and stomping....and stomping some more!

Horses HATE flies on their legs, and flies love to swarm there.  It's not just an irritating habit either.  Horses that are habitually stomping because of flies can easily loosen their shoes, as well as create additional wear and tear on their legs and tendons. 

The best protection against flies around the legs is a barrier.  Fly Leg Wraps create a physical barrier between your horse and the flies, while the porous nature of the wraps keep your horse from getting too hot.   

Fly Leg Wraps are also a great thing to have on hand for lower leg injuries.  Because they are not tight like a traditional wrap, Fly Wraps protect wounds from dirt and insects while allowing air circulation that helps with healing.    

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