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Revolutionary Technical Stirrups

Compositi Riding Gear's stirrups, stirrup treads, toe cages, and Hot Spurs, produced with the most current technology, ensure, and enhance your safety and comfort.  Importantly, these products are spot on for those riders with knee and ankle troubles!  Compositi Riding Gear Stirrups is available for adults and children. 

Compositi Hot Spurs with Interchangeable Heads, a significant innovation in spurs, have five interchangeable heads allowing you to adjust your spur to your horse quickly.  These spurs are ideal for trainers and any rider who rides multiple horses!  Importantly, these products are spot on for those riders with knee and ankle troubles!

These exceptional benefits include:

  • Made from lightweight composite polymer acts as a shock absorber cushioning that softens impact and relieves tension in the knees and ankles
  • Large treads for stability, spiked surface for added grip
  • Washable, non-rusting hi-tech polymer keeps its shape at temperatures down to -30 Celsius
  • Toe cages keep a rider's foot from slipping too far through the stirrup in the event of a fall



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