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Boa Boots

Why Boa Boots?

The Boa Horse Boot has been developed with three main objectives:

Multiple Uses
Ultimate Protection & Retention
Quick and Easy Application

Boa Gaiter
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Multiple Uses
The Boa Horse Boot provides excellent hoof protection for both occasional and everyday riding for the barefoot horse, but can also be used in the correction and treatment of founder, navicular disease, punctures, abscesses, bruises, contracted heels and other impact­ caused injuries. It also provides protection during trailering, breeding and a quick fix for the occasional lost shoe. We do not recommend this boot for endurance riding.

Ultimate Protection & Retention
The Boa Horse Boot has been designed to protect and remain on the hoof during aggressive riding conditions. The Boa Horse Boot provides protection to the frog, sole, hoof wall, hairline and bulb area.

Quick and Easy Application
Many of the current hoof boots require tools and strength during application and removal. The Boa Lacing System is used on the Boa Horse Boot as the primary closure system. The Boa Lacing System allows the Boa Horse Boot to open large enough to accommodate the wide base of a hoof, allowing for quick application without strength or force. After the hoof is placed in the Boa Horse Boot , the Boa Lacing System quickly tightens with a turn of the dial. Removing the Boa Horse Boot is simple: pull the dial, the lace tension releases and the Boa Horse Boot is easily slipped off the hoof.

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