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Save Trees - No Catalogs: Facts on Catalogs

The Ugly Truth about Print Catalogs

At Equestrian Collections, we truly care about the environment.  One of the steps we have have taken away from "old school" equestrian retailers is to eliminate print catalogs.

The Facts: 
  • Every American receives about sixty-three mailbox clogging catalogs per year. 
  • US catalog production uses approximately fifty-three million trees and enough water to fill 81,000 Olympic sized swimming pools each year. 
  • Americans waste about eight hours per year dealing with junk mail.
Wouldn't you rather spend that time at the barn? What about those resources?  Those trees would shade a lot of trail rides, and that water could be used on an awful lot of hay fields in a dry year.  (And have you ever lost real mail in the every growing pile of junk and accidentally thrown it away?  We know we have!)
Selling Your Information
Does it seem like your print catalogs are breeding in your mailbox?  Well, in a way, they are.  Most companies that use print also buy and sell your information to other print marketers.  Problem is, just because you purchase horse equipment, and perhaps heavy duty outdoor weather gear, doesn't mean that you appreciate receiving the latest styles in duck hunting attire, or the newest dairy cattle technology!  
At Equestrian Collections, we will NEVER sell your information to mail marketers!   
But I Like Looking at Catalogs ...

Truthfully, so do we!  We love beautifully put together print advertising.  We love horses, and we think there is some fantastic equestrian photography out there being used for advertising.  So, at Equestian Collections we bring you the best of the print catalogs in e-format.  Check out our e-catalogs, we think you'll love them.

Ready to Get Off the Junk Mail?

Here are some great sites, that can help you help the environment, AND lessen that mountain of junk mail.




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