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Tips for the Rider: Choosing an Equestrian Sports Bra

One of the best investments in comfort and looks for any female rider is a well-fitting, supportive sports bra.
With every step your horse takes, shock waves travel through your horse, to you.  Also, your horse's impulsion, forward and up is also transferred through you... you, in essence, become an extension of your horse.
Most places in your body, the effects of all of this can be reduced by you with conscious effort using your muscles and ligaments.  Your breasts, however have no anatomical means of limiting the effects of the pounding and the momentum.  So, they bounce.
Bounce can cause permanent tissue damage and can be painful and distracting.   In most areas of equitation, stillness through control is a goal.   Therefore, from a personal and a sport-related point of view, stilling the bounce is the objective of most women riders. 
Bounce is greatly decreased by the use of a well-fitting sports bra designed for high impact sports.  This should be considered as an essential part of your riding wardrobe.
Riding is a high impact sport.   Therefore, when choosing a bra for riding, discount sports bras that are indicated for Low or Medium Impact sports.  They just won't give you enough support to eliminate the bounce - even if you have a small bra size.   Lingerie/Fashion bras, equally, won't do the job for you.  
A good sports bra suitable for riding provides superior breast support, comfort, breathability and moisture control.
A good sport bra minimizes breast movement in one of two ways: By compression, where the breasts are held against the chest wall to limit motion; or encapsulation, in which the bra is engineered to surround and support the breasts. Sometimes one bra uses both techniques .
If you're a small- or medium-breasted woman (A to C cup), a compression style bra will offer support and comfort. Or if you prefer, you can choose a bra that offers encapsulation for shaping as well as support.
If you're a larger-breasted woman (C to DD cup) you may find encapsulating styles that separate and support your breasts more comfortable and more supportive than compression bras. For maximum support, choose a sport bra that does both.
A good riding sports bra should feel comfortable on, stay in place, and not chafe. The straps shouldn't dig into the shoulders nor should they fall off the shoulders as you rider.  Nothing is more distracting than having your bra strap slip while you are riding up to a fence!  The band around the lower chest shouldn't shift up or bind. Proportions and contours should be designed for the freedom of movement that you need while riding without binding, twisting or chafing. Soft, plush threads will minimize skin irritation.
Moisture Control and Breathability
Riding is a strenuous sport, and not matter what the weather, you will likely perspire while you ride.  A good equestrian sports bra will wick sweat away from your skin and then dry quickly, and it will be breathable, allowing perspiration and excess heat to pass through. A good sport bra will keep you cooler and drier when it's hot, and drier and warmer when it's cold.
Good looks too!
An added bonus not mentioned on the label of most sports bras is the impovement in the overall look of the garments worn over the bra!  You will find that


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