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Tips for the Rider: About Full Seat Breeches


Full Seat Breeches have an insert that runs from below the waist at the back of the breech, across the seat and down the inside of both legs.  This gives fuller protection from rubbing than a knee patch breech that has reinforced areas only above and below the knee area.


The full seat of the breech can be of a number of different materials, each giving a different level of protection and grip, as well as setting the price point of the breech you are buying:

The same fabric as the breech itself. This will usually provide extra protection but little extra grip.   It is usually the least expensive approach.

Clarino or other synthetic suede
With the look and feel of sueded leather, there are many different branded synthetic suedes.  All give a good degree of extra protection against rubbing and increase the grip of the breech in the saddle.

Something to remember is that most synthetic suede full seats have no ability to stretch in any direction.  So, you have a non-stretch fabric built onto a garment that usually has two or even four-way stretch. This will often lead to a slight difference in fit between a knee patch and a full seat version of the same brand of breech.

The advantage of the Clarino-type full seat is that it is washable and can be dried at a low heat in your dryer and that it tends to keep the price point of your breech in the mid regions.

Some great synthetic seat breeches to try out :  Irideon , Goode Rider,  Tuffrider  , Romfh

Leather full seats are prized for their grip, and with the correct care, their look and feel as they age.  They can be made of cow hide or deer skin and have a certain amount of natural stretch.

Most leather full seats are washable following their manufacturer's care instructions.  Special leather washes and detergents are generally required to wash leather at home.  Leather seats will usually place your breech in the higher price points and are often paired with the more expensive European breech fabrics.

For leather seats, check out:  Ovation Euroweave Leather and  FITS Breeches.

New Technology
Check out new approaches that combine Leather seats with other fabrics, or that break up or perforate the leather to make it breathable and flexible.  Some new technology brands to check out - FITS and  Kerrits


Once again, you will find a range of breech fabrics being used for your full seat breeches...  In many cases the type of weather and temperatures you will be riding in will dictate the type of fabric you want.

Cool and Comfortable:
Full seat breeches can be HOT.  If you are riding in summer time, or in temperate climates, you will want breech fabric that keeps you cool and does not hold moisture.  For Full Seat Breeches that Beat the Heat, chose breeches with clarino seats and micro fiber fabric, in light weights.

Warm and Toasty:
The training doesn't stop in winter and neither should you! Equestrian Collections offers a wide range of Winter Full Seat Breeches that will keep you warm, while allowing you to school and train to the same level you do in the summer. Depending on the severity of the climate you live in, you may want a medium weight breech made of powerstretch fabric, or a super heavy duty, snow proof over pants.     


Full seat breeches come in a variety of styles that you can choose from to suit your needs - schooling, show or pleasure, there is a full seat breech out there for you!

Zipped Full Seats
Full Seat Breeches come with Front Zips or Side Zips.   The most formal style of full seat features a high waist and white fabric, to be worn with a Shadbelly.  While more casual and schooling breeches will come with a fashionable lower rise and fun colors and patterns. 

Pull On Full Seats
For schooling and pleasure riding, Full Seat Pull-On Breeches  can be an excellent choice.  As choices widen, you can even get a low-rise pull-on style!

Not too long ago, the full seat breech in formal colors was the staple of the dressage and event rider.  Full seats were serious and definitely not considered a fashion item.  Well forget that now!  Full seat breeches come in a giddy variety of fun colors with eye-catching full seats that demand attention.  You can see stripes, plaids, prints, paisleys - there seems to be no limit to the imagination!  Many brands now have figured that women like outfits, so we are also seeing coordinating socks, tops, belts and even horse gear to match our fancy of the day!! Equine Couture does an extensive collection of matching horse and rider gear that will work for the dressage rider.  For


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