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Tips for Horse: Flash and Drop Nose Bands - Which?


Purpose: Flash Nosebands and Drop Nosebands prevent certain mouth problems like opening the mouth and sticking out the tongue that effectively stops the contact that a rider has with the horse.

Severity: Drop nosebands are more severe than flash.   Drop nosebands put pressure on the softer cartilage of the horse’s nose, whereas the flash sits higher on the harder bone and because of its wider width, spreads the pressure over a greater area.

Fit:  The cavesson part of the flash noseband sits between one and two finger widths below the cheekbone and the flash part always sits above the soft cartilage of the nose.  This ensures that it does not interfere with the horse’s breathing.

The drop noseband is trickier to fit correctly and can cause problems when done incorrectly.  Because of this, if you can achieve the control that you need, the flash is the safer way to go.  Fitted too high and it can press the bit up against the corners of the horse’s mouth and too low and it can effect the horse’s breathing.


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