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Tips for the Rider: Your Fall Equestrian To-Do List

A Fall Check List


Although the Autumnal Equinox is not until September 22nd, most of us consider the day after Labor Day the first day of the Fall season.  As horse owners, the arrival of Fall means all sorts of changes to our equine to-do list. It's time to start putting away the fly sheets and putting up the hay.   

Climax of the Show Season – Most show circuits are headed into their end of season finals and awards. If you had a successful season and are moving into the finals, dress up your show apparel with a new show shirt. It will make your turnout fresh and crisp, and it won't break the bank. Are you a show organizer?  Now is the time to order end of season awards! If you want monogramed items or special purchases you need to order to now to make sure you get them in time. 

Fox Hunting – Fall is Fox Hunting Season! If you are lucky enough to participate in this traditional equine activity, now is the time to dust off your Hunt Attire and purchase new items if you need to. Traditional Hunt attire is getting harder and harder to find in the world of equine retail. At Equestrian Collections, we carry a full line of Hunt Attire.

Schedule Fall Shots - With West Nile infection rates going up all over the country, this is definitely not the year to postpone those Fall vaccinations! Call you vet and schedule your horse's shots, or better yet, schedule a shot clinic for your entire barn. You will get all the horses done at once, and most vets will cut you a break on the barn call fee.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Winter Blankets  - Make sure your winter blankets are ready, so you won’t be caught out in the cold. Check out our blanket care/repair instructions, and think about purchasing new blankets if you need to.    

Put up Hay for Winter – Because of extreme weather this summer, hay is becoming a huge issue for horse owners in the South West, Mid West, and Mountain states. In some areas, a bale of grass hay is twice the cost it was a year ago! Even if you have a regular hay supplier, check early for hay prices and availability, and make sure you will have enough to get through the winter. Since no one wants to waste hay this year, check our hay bags and feeders and chose ones that will decrease the amount of hay that is spilled, stepped on, and ruined.   

Get Ready to Clip – Do you show in winter? Or live in a warmer climate? In either case, you’ll probably be clipping your horse in the coming months. Make sure you’ve got appropriate clippers and that they are in good working order. Nothing is quite as ugly as a bad clip job with old, dull clipper blades!  

New Cool Weather Gear – Equestrian Collections is putting up new fall and winter riding attire daily! There are great new winter riding breeches, technical shirts, jackets and gloves – all designed to keep you comfortable in cooler temperatures. Don't see quite what you need? Keep checking back, as there will be new products every week for the next month or so.  

Finally … get out on the trails!! Fall is the ideal season for trail riding. The weather is moderate, the skies are blue, and the fall colors are just tremendous! Whether you  fox hunt, endurance ride, or hit the trails with friends, getting out of the ring and into the woods is a great reminder of why we all started riding in the first place – wide open spaces, exhilarating paces and  beautiful scenery from horseback. You just can’t beat it.           


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