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With the economic difficulties of the past few years, many U.S. consumers have an increasing interest in buying American made products, and supporting American small businesses. What about horse products? Can you support American business growth when you buy your horse supplies and equestrian clothing?

The short answer is yes. The horse industry contributes $39 billion directly to the economy, with an additional $102 billion in indirect impact. We can make in difference in what we choose to buy!          

However, the actual selection of American made horse products can be complicated.   Traditionally, the “best” English tack and clothing has been European made, with Western tack tending to be American. Over the past twenty years or so, that dynamic has changed with both English and Western manufacturers transitioning to Asian, Indian, and Malaysian factories. 

Does that mean there are no American made products? Absolutely not! There are large numbers of leather items that are made in the USA. In particular, Equestrian Collections carries products from Weaver Leather and Perri’s Leather, both of whom utilize Amish craftsmen for much of their leather work.  Equestrian attire is harder. Like most ready to wear clothing, a lot of equestrian attire is manufactured in Asia. However, there are a couple of brands that make a significant number of products in the United States – Irideon is one that comes to mind.

There are also companies that utilize overseas materials, but complete their manufacturing process here in the United States, thus supporting many local skilled laborers. Tell it With Tees shirts, for instance, are made overseas, but all the screen printing is designed and done locally. Kelly Herd imports their silver, but makes all their jewelry here. Matrix Saddle Pads are all configured here in the States, as well. 

Finally, we have many small manufacturers of unique products that made in the USA. Most Equi-Fit products are made locally, as are Sound Equine, Vetericyn, and Saratoga Sheets. For a large assortment of American made products, see our Made in the USA collection. 

So, can you buy ALL your horse products made in the USA? Perhaps not, but there may be more out there than you realize.   And remember:  your trainer; your boarding facility; your farrier, your veterinarian; and even the concession stand at your local horse show – those are all “MADE in the USA” too! 


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