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Tips for Horse: Innovative Horse Health Care Products

New Horse Health Care Products on EC!


At Equestrian Collections, we are always looking for new and innovative products to help you care for your horse. In the last few months, we have added a number of really exciting new products to help address some of your most pressing horse health care issues.

Leg Care: Icing and cooling horses’ legs and tendons is standard care for most equine athletes. However, as anyone who has done it will tell you, it’s not easy! Either you have to stand for ages with a cold hose (assuming that your water is cold enough to do the trick), or you somehow have to get ice in contact with your horse’s leg. We have two new product lines designed to solve this issue.  Ice-Vibe by Horseware of Ireland combines ice boots with a vibration system that not only cools your horse’s tendons, but also increases the blood flow. The built in automatic timer means you don’t have to stand there while your horse is being treated!(Please note, Ice-Vibe is so popular we are currently sold out!  We hope to have more available soon!)  EquiFit’s Gel Compression System utilizes refrigerated cold packs too, but this system incorporates a compression air pump. You hand pump the boots for the perfect level of pressure. Not only does this help decrease “stocking up,” but it also insures that the gel pack actually contacts all surfaces on the leg for the best possible icing.  

Ulcer Care: Recent medical research has made it clear that gastric ulcers are a fairly common condition in horses. Show horses, race horses, and any horse confined to a stall, are particularly at risk for this painful condition. We have two new products designed to help prevent ulcers. Both UlcerGard and GastroMax utilize omeprazole to reduce acid that may cause ulcers. (Remember, if you suspect gastric ulcers in your horse, consult your veterinarian.) 

Nutritional Supplements: The market is booming with new nutritional supplements! At EC we have three new lines that you may want to check out. Silver Lining Herbs are herbal based, all natural supplements designed to recreate the kind of eating your horse would do if they had access to unlimited free grazing. Figuerola Supplements address the nutritional needs caused by unique individual health conditions such as chronic laminitis, or suspensory injuries. Finally, the HEIRO Supplement was designed by a practicing veterinarian specifically for horses with insulin resistance.  This organic supplement is intended to help you get your insulin resistant horse off dry lot and back on pasture.  

First Aid: With increasing attention being paid to antibiotic resistant infections, many horse owners are looking for effective minor wound care that does not depend upon traditional antibiotics, so they can save the antibiotics for the serious stuff. At EC, we have four innovative new options for your equine first aid kit. Vetericyn’s Microcyn Technology has been shown in studies to treat a wide range of viruses, fungi, and spores without antibiotics. AgSilver products utilize infusions of microscopic silver to prevent fungal growth (They even have a fungus resistant bucket!). Figuerola’s Zicatrex is an antiseptic cream based on natural South American resins. It is non-toxic and completely iodine free. Dermafas, distributed by the Eventing experts at Nunn Finer, is based on an amino acid vitamin complex. Many people have found it to be very effective for treating rashes, abrasions, sweet itch and other skin ailments.

Information in this article is based on manufacturer’s published information on these health care products. It does not constitute any guarantee of efficacy from Equestrian Collections. Further, this information is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for evaluation by an equine professional.  All horse owners should seek advice and treatment from a licensed veterinarian for their horses' medical care.


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