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Fashion Focus: Interview with Bob Bitzer

Meet Bob Bitzer of Heritage Gloves


Today, we have the pleasure of talking with Bob Bitzer of Heritage Gloves about the technology behind the Heritage equestrian glove line.


EQC:  Bob, how did Heritage get into the equestrian glove market?

Bob Bitzer: My wife and I have owned horses for more than 30 years. Our youngest daughter was about 12 years old and starting to compete in hunter/jumper events. We were spending a lot of money on show clothes and I started to look at the poor quality of show gloves that was available on the market. With our sport glove manufacturing background I knew we could do much better. So we decided to start Heritage Gloves. Originally it was just to cover the expenses of showing at events and training, but the company grew into so much more. I guess a lot of people out there felt the same way as I did about a limited select of quality gloves on the market. The timing was right for something new like us.

EQC: What functionality did you consider when first sitting down at the drawing board, so to speak?

Bob Bitzer: The quality of material and fit were the two key areas we focused on. We knew what was going to make Heritage different from the others was better quality and improved fit.

EQC:  Why should riders consider buying a glove specifically designed for riding? Even down to the discipline they ride?

Bob Bitzer: Riding gloves are designed to protect your hands and increase your grip on the reins so that you have better control of your horse. Our gloves are designed to be task specific for each type of discipline.

EQC:  How do you choose which fabrics you make your Heritage gloves from?  Are you inspired by other sports? 

Bob Bitzer: Due to our 30 years of experience in sport glove manufacturing we have an extensive knowledge of glove construction and materials. We have learned a lot over the years from building gloves for the bicycle, motorcycle, watersports, ski, snowboard, fishing, and other sports related industries. Each customer has specific requirements and we search out the best materials available. The reason we have been in business this long is proof of our reputation to making quality gloves.

EQC:  In your quest to design the “Perfect” equestrian glove, what would its functionality requirements be?

 Bob Bitzer: The perfect equestrian glove needs to feel like you are not wearing a glove at all. It should be lightweight and durable. Fit and comfort are key and the right balance of grip and control.

EQC:  There are hundreds of riding gloves on the market – what makes Heritage Gloves stand out from the crowd?

 Bob Bitzer: We are the relatively new glove company in the equestrian world, but after the last six years we have grown rapidly to being one of the top brands of riding gloves in the world. We have many top level riders in the US and internationally competing in our gloves. They give us a great platform for how our gloves are used and insight in how to continuously improved and evolve our gloves with new innovation. We are also very proud of the fact that Heritage Gloves has been the first and only Official Equestrian Glove of the United States Equestrian Federation. Their endorsement of our products from our very first year in business to present is a great testimonial of our company and gloves.

Our goal is to have a riding glove for every level rider regardless of discipline or experience through our wide selection of gloves.

EQC:  What exciting new fabric technology is coming down the pike that will make a difference to the rider – Comfort? Durability?, Looks?

Bob Bitzer: All the synthetic leather materials we use were developed by our company specific for our gloves. SuperGrip, DeltaGrip and MicroTec were all pioneered by us. We continue to research, test and develop new fabrics for future styles of riding gloves.

EQC:  More riders are concerned about sun damage.  Have you addressed this issue?

Bob Bitzer: In the beginning when we introduced our gloves we addressed this issue, which is why we design our gloves to use the correct materials that are breathable, yet do not allow UV to pass through.

EQC: Lots of requests for gloves that peel back a finger for texting and SmartPhone use. Got anything in the Heritage line?


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