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Fashion Focus: An Interview with Kerri Sengstaken

däv Boots!

We are delighted to have the opportunity to speak with Kerri Sengstaken, co-founder of däv Weatherproof Luxury Boots.

EC: däv footwear offers a real departure from traditional equestrian muck boots, combining fashion with wet weather gear.  Can you tell our shoppers how you came up with the concept?

Kerri Sengstaken:  We decided to focus on the lifestyle of women who are horse and animal enthusiasts.  Our customers' day starts early in the morning at the barn, cleaning and feeding.  Then, she rushes to school or work and ends up back in the barn.   Sometimes in the middle of everything, she is at the store or out to lunch. däv boots effortlessly perform throughout the day during all of these tasks and look chic and fashion-forward.  They are amazingly comfortable, so you don't want to change your boots - just rinse them off after you muck and you are ready for a ride or trip to the mall.  This describes my typical day, so I AM the customer.  I get it!

EC:  Folks in the horse industry are used to equestrian style being "borrowed" by the fashion industry fairly regularly.  Do you see the reverse happening?  Do you think equestrian styles are being influenced by the wider fashion industry?

Kerri Sengstaken:  I see the starting to blur that separate fashion brands from equestrian/sports brands.  Manufacturers like däv are starting to focus on the overall lifestyle of their customers, understanding that they read Vogue, as well as their equine sport specific magazines.  They go to yoga class as well as dressage clinics.  We need apparel and accessories which work for our lifestyles, family time and work, so we are not changing outfits or footwear three times a day.

EC: What about technology?  We're not asking for trade secrets, but can you tell us how you get those bright fabric prints on a 100% waterproof boot?!
Kerri Sengstaken:  The fabric is printed and then stretched onto a "last", which is a leg form.  Then the clear waterproof later is applied.  We are constantly designing new prints in our studio in Oxnard, California.  All of our prints are designed by hand and are original.  We also love rich solid colors and metallic blends.

EC: What about practicality?  We know you can clean stalls in däv boots, and then wash them off and wear them downtown, but can you really ride in däv English boots?

Kerri Sengstaken: Yes! They are great for riding.  You can muck the stalls, give them a rinse, then jump in the saddle.  They are great for trail riding - never know when you have to lead your horse though some water or mud.

EC: We love your sneakers (so cool!) and the Festival boots (perfect for wearing at a horse show when you've got to get your tall boots off!).  Can you tell us what you've got coming next Fall?

Kerri Sengstaken: We are so excited about our Fall collection!  We have added some great embellishments such as ankle belts, more styles that fold neatly in your suitcase, and weatherproof styles which look like suede and leather.

EC:  Now for the fun question, who's out there wearing däv?  Any good celebrity names to drop?  

Kerri Sengstaken: Oh yes!  At the Grammy's Katy Perry chose the leopard English boot, and Miley Cyrus chose the black equestrian boot.  Ashley Benson, star of  Pretty Little Liars has been seen sporting around town in the däv Thatcher boot, and 90210 star Tiffany Hines wore the däv champagne English boot at the Sundance Film Festival.  Little Suri Cruise has been spotted many times in her little pink däv cowboy boots.

Thank you Kerri!  Now all you equestrian fashionistas out there, check out the däv boot collection on Equestrian Collections!



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