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Tips for Horse: Bitless Bridles

What about Bitless Brides? 

Husband and wife team, Gerry Guy and Zoe Brooks, designed and patented the Nurtural Horse Bitless Bridle on their 500 acre farm in Northern Ontario in 2005.  It all started when Zoe's mare did not respond well to a bit, and Zoe needed to find an alternative to to traditional bits and bridles.

EC:  Bits have been used by horsemen for hundreds of years.  Why change?

NH:  Because your horse will be happier!  And happier horses perform better and generally make better mounts.

EC:  What disciplines can I use the Nurtural Horse Bitless Bridle?

NH: You can do anything you like with a Nurtural Bitless Bridle! English or Western, horses are generally more confident and relaxed when working in a bitless bridle as opposed to any kind of bit.

EC:  Even Driving?

NH:  Sure! We make and customize bridles for "minis to mammoths!"  So we've got a Nurtural Bitless Bridle for virtually any type of driving horse.

EC:  But what about brakes?  Will my horse stop?

NH:  That's probably the most frequently asked question we get.   And the answer is a resounding "yes." Of course, you don't have to listen to us, we have lots of examples of happy customers:

"To me she feels like a totally different horse, responsive, quiet and attentive to the lightest contact.  It also felt as if I had installed power breaks, requiring only a fraction of the pressure I usually need to get a balanced stop"

"I just tried my new bridle!! My horse was so light and prefect!  He is a TN Walker and gaited like he never has with a bit!  He was so soft and responsive and stopped immediately!"

"I have a 21 year old Belgian Draft.  Put him in this bitless, now he stops on a dime and give you a nickle change. "

EC: How long does it take to retrain a horse on the Nurtural Bitless?

NH:  Not long at all!  We do public Nurtural Bitless Challenges, saying "Bring us ANY horse.  What it does in a bit, you will do better in a Nurtural Bitless."  We have thirty minutes to show what they can do in a bit, then we take the horse and rider (or driver) bitless for the first time, and then repeat whatever they did in the bit.  Every horse to date has done noticeably better!  

EC: What makes Nurtural Bitless different from other bitless bridles?

NH: It's the patented Circle-X that holds the reinstraps securely under the chin, so they stay on the horseís cheek for maximum directional control.

Our reinstraps do not twist, tangle or pinch the nose. The nosebandís rubber gripping gives added contact, allowing more respect without slipping. Horses do not push into this noseband; they stop and back up with ease.

Many points of adjustment in the reinstraps allow you to attach your reins close to the horseís mouth to improve bending and stopping signals.

Our solid crown piece ensures the reinstraps do not slip or become uneven, providing minimal, yet consistent poll pressure for slowing and stopping.


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