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Tips for Horse: How to Fit a Grazing Muzzle

How to Fit a Grazing Muzzle

So you've decided that your horse needs a grazing muzzle.  Now, the question is, how to fit the thing?! 

Fitting a grazing muzzle is a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you need the muzzle to be neither too big, nor too small, but just right.  If the muzzle is too big, the horse will be able to shift the basket up over their nose.  If the muzzle is too tight, it will rub whenever the horse chews and cause sores.

You want to be able to fit about a finger's width between the basket edge and the horse face.  But, remember, if you can pull the basket off the horse's nose, so can your horse!! 

There are two basic types of muzzles, those that attach to a regular halter, and those that come with their own headstall.  In general, the ones that attach to a regular halter are shorter and fit a bit lower on the head.  They will fit a wider variety of horses, but can be somewhat easier for a horse to get off.  The ones with their own headstall are deeper, and ride higher on the face, making them a better choice for "houdini" horses!

 If you are buying a muzzle for general use in your barn, one that attaches to a halter is a good choice.  If you are purchasing one for long term use on a specific horse, an all in one is probably your best bet.

How do you know if your horse needs a muzzle?  Check out Ask the Vet!      


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