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Tips for Horse: Do I need a Horse Sheet or Blanket?

Horse Blankets vs. Horse Sheets:

Does my horse need a blanket or a sheet?

Well... depending upon where you live, the answer may vary! In some regions a "sheet" is a turnout that has no fiberfill. It's pretty sturdy, and probably comes in a medium or heavyweight "blanket" version that does have fiberfill. In other parts of the country, a "sheet" is a super light cotton or nylon horse covering that definitely isn't strong enough to stand up to the abuse of turnout.

Both are useful articles of horse clothing, but it can be pretty confusing when they are called the same thing!!

To try to simply things, at Equestrian Collections we've separated our basic horse blankets into two groups Horse Turnout Blankets, and Horse Sheets:

Turnouts: If you want a sturdy, waterproof horse covering that can stand up to the abuse of pasture turnout, you want a Turnout Blanket . Remember, just because it's a blanket, doesn't mean it has to be super warm. Most Turnout Blankets come in three weights - light, medium, and heavy. The lightweight turnout blankets generally have no insulation, and are basically sturdy horse raincoats that can stand a lot of abuse.

Sheets: If it's summer, and you are more concerned about keeping your horse clean, at home or at the shows, you probably want a sheet. Sheets come in a variety of fabrics, most frequently cotton, nylon, or microfiber. They tend to be cool and lightweight. While some are adequate for turn out, if you have a rough tumble horse, or turn out in a herd, you probably don't want to turn your horse out in a sheet. It may not last the night!

Hot, sticky, and buggy? Sheet too warm? If a sheet isn't the right answer, it may be that what you really want is a fly sheet. If you want maximum ventilation, and minimum bug irritation, check out Equestrian Collections selection of Fly Protection!


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