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Successful Sponsorship Affiliates are...

Successful Sponsorship Affiliates are...: Boarding & Training Barns

Boarding and Training barns are our Home Away from Home - They are where we learn to ride, perfect (someday) our technique, meet new friends and enjoy our horses.
As the owner of a Training or Boarding barn, you are responsible for many of our decisions - what tack to buy, what clothes to wear, what looks good, what does not.  Advice on vitamins, supplements and such as well as list of "Have to Purchase" wormers, vet wrap and the like!
Now you can harness the buying power of your clients and turn it into valuable income that you can use to make the facility a little nicer, to buy those drapes for the shows, get those new jumps or dressage markers.
If you have a Web Site that your clients come to for information, lesson schedules and the like, then you can apply to become an Super Sponsorship Affiliate and once approved you will be given access to all kinds of Content, information about products that will appeal to your clients.  So, for instance, if you have a seasonal shopping list for your boarders, then we can reproduce that for you and they can Click & Shop from your site.  You will get 8% of the total value of not only that shop - but on anything they buy on Equestrian Collections for 6 months!
So, if you have a nice-sized boarding barn or busy lesson program - Don't be afraid to ask for Sponsorship from Equestrian Collections... Now, more than ever, we can say "Yes, we can!".
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