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Successful Sponsorship Affiliates are...

Successful Sponsorship Affiliates are...: Equestrian Dating Sites

Equestrian Dating Sites are incredibly popular.  Who doesn't envisage meeting a partner that shares our equestrian interests?  So if you run a site that is trying to find a Match for others... maybe you have just found one for yourself!
If you would like to be able to offer more features on your site, more prizes and special deals, here is a great way to make all of that more affordable and achievable.  Your customers come to you to help them find that perfect person - and they will in all likelihood be doing some more mundane equestrian shopping along the way!
Help bring extra value to your customers by joining the Equestrian Collections' Super Sponsorship Program  -   you can harness the buying power of your supporters and turn it into Cold Hard Cash for your Dating Site.

Just apply to become an Super Sponsorship Affiliate and once approved you will be given access to all kinds of Content, information about products that will appeal to your customers.

So, if you are trying to help your customers fine fellow Trail Riders or Eventers or just perfect partners to share their equestrian lifestyles with - Don't be afraid to ask for Sponsorship from Equestrian Collections... Now, more than ever, we can say "Yes, we can!".
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