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About our website: How do I use your navigation?

Point and Click Away!

Our new navigation is built to work for how YOU are searching for a particular product.   Everyone shops a supermarket or a department store in a different way.  The same when you come to Equestrian Collections.. you search differently than a friend might, and if you come a few times, you might search differently each time... it will all depend on what you know or don't know about the products that you are trying to find.

Our objective is to make finding what you are looking for as fast, intuitive and interesting as we can.  We let you know where you are going, let you see where you have come from and where you are.

We follow all the best and most current web practices, so our navigation follows protocols that you will be used to, so that you can find what you are looking for without thinking about the navigation itself... like driving a car... you don't think of the controls, just where you are going!


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