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About our website: Why Departments?

The Equestrian Collections website is organized so that you can shop the way YOU want to shop ... by Product Category,  Gender, Discipline, or Brand.

When we started Equestrian Collections, shopping on the internet for equestrian products was rather hap-hazzard.  Basically, you randomly searched sites until you found what you wanted.. or had to have a paper catalog on hand so you could search by item number.

We changed all of that! We are flattered to say that intelligent filtering is now almost a given on many equestrian sites.

Start with what you know... do you want a specific brand? Sort using our brand page.  Are you looking for mens items, then you search on mens only.  Is it a particular discipline?  You can sort that way too. So you can choose to shop by Ladies, choose a category, choose a brand and a Discipline.. and you can get say all the Ladies breeches in the Ariat Collection that are focused on Dressage!  The possibilities are endless!

Equestrian Collections is once again forging ahead to make shopping easier, more intuitive and enjoyable for you.


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