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About our website: Why Departments?

We offer a wide range of choices of how you would like to shop on Equestrian Collections.... by Gender, Discipline, Collection... or if you know the kind of item you want, but want to see all the choices available across our brands... then you can shop by Department

When we started Equestrian Collections, shopping by department was a sp,ewjat cride affair, with Ladies, Men's, Kidss' and Horse items often falling together in your list of choices.

We changed all of that and we are flattered to say, that intelligent filtering is now almost a given on many equestrian sites. However, we were not satisfied with that and have just set another standard for others to follow and for you to enjoy.

On our brand new system, you can shop by Gender, Department, Collection or Discipline, then choose another way to narrow down to what you specifically need.  So you can choose to shop by Ladies, choose a category, choose a brand and a Discipline.. and you can get say all the Ladies breeches in the Ariat Collection that are focused on Dressage!  The possibilities are endless!

Equestrian Collections is once again forging ahead to make shopping easier, more intuative and enjoyable for you.


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