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About our website: Why Equestrian Collections?

Why is it "Equestrian Collections?"
Equestrian Collections got its name from the driving force of the creation of the web site... to bring the complete collections of the major brands in the equestrian industry to the riders.  

The equestrian industry produces an amazing wealth of fabulously designed products that until the birth or Equestrian Collections, were never seen in their entirety in any one place.   Finding the products that a rider might see in a magazine ad or hear about from a friend was like piecing together a patchwork quilt!  Out would come a bunch of catalogs, lots of toll free numbers and hopefully a lot of patience!

Equestrian Collections brought the major brands together... Ariat, TuffRider, Ovation, Mountain Horse, Goode Rider, WeatherBeeta, Dublin, Collegiate... hundreds of brands on one site... Collection by Collection!


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