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About Us: About Equestrian Collections

Who is "Equestrian Collections?"

We are an on-line Equestrian store that takes an entirely new approach to equestrian retail - offering you more choices than any other equestrian retailer on the planet! 

What do We Do? 

We deliver smiles to your doorstep!  That familiar brown box that arrives on your doorstep - you placed your order a few days ago and, almost effortlessly, there it is! A crazy mix of things for you and your horse.  You open it and smile.  Perfect!  

How do we do it? 

Twice a year, every year, your top equestrian brands meet at major trade shows - Ariat, Kerrits, Romfh, Rambo, Mountain Horse, Horze, Stetson, Weatherbeeta and more are represented.  Equestrian Collections’ teams are there, oohing and aahing over all the great new products about to arrive at their warehouses across the United States. But here is where we differ from all the other equestrian stores and tack shops.  Instead of selecting a small number of products we think you should buy, we offer it ALL!
We take the reality of all those warehouses bursting with products - paddock boots, show shirts, breeches, horse blankets, saddles, bridles, bits - and transform them into one massive virtual warehouse - Equestrian Collections.
At dead of night, when even the most avid shopper is fast asleep, we synchronize our site with the contents of all those warehouses.  Newly arrived products are switched on; out of stock items turn themselves off.  Our digital shelves are stocked and ready for you for the day ahead.
These are tricky operations that require a million dollar system making sure that you can find exactly what you want,  load it into your cart and check out.  It is highly complicated, but thanks to our endlessly devoted technical crew, it does a brilliant job.
We are hard core data and technical experts at work, but at home, we’re equestrians - a team of long time riders and horse owners who bring the site to life.  We understand your goals, your hopes and your aspirations for the new equestrian season, because we share them!  We understand why choosing the right blanket and the right bit is important to you.  We have horses at home, too!  
So, you place your totally unique order. You press the button, and send your hopes that exactly that bit will make the difference, that the new blanket will keep your horse warm and dry, that the new show shirt will make you look wonderful in the show ring.   Your order goes off into cyberspace - but it is people that make it happen.  A team of people, gathering data, packing up your box, and hurrying your order from those warehouses across the United States, back to us at Equestrian Collections.   Where, in turn, it is checked and sent on to you.  To arrive at your doorstep. For you to open. With it always comes our hope that it will make you smile.  

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Equestrian Collections is committed to customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return the item to us and we will refund, replace, or credit you for it.  We have faith in our products and want you to be happy with your purchase. We promise to deliver quality and value in every product we sell. If you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we'll make it right 

Mission Statement

To Bring the Equestrian Shopping Universe to your Finger Tips. To show you the shopper all the products that each major Equestrian Brand has available for you to buy that particular day.  To let you see those products in the best way that technology allows with as much information as we can for you to make a well-considered choice based on your needs and budget.   We pledge to get the products that you purchase to you as quickly and as cost effectively as we can.    We believe that you prefer us to respect your desire and ability to choose from the total Equestrian Shopping Universe over much less choice delivered at marginally faster speed.

How Are We Different? 

You get to shop from over 100 equestrian warehouses in the USA and Canada. 

How Are We Better?

100% "Cherry-Picking" Free!  We don't choose products for you; the choices are entirely yours to make.

How is our Customer Experience Better?

We are committed to providing a 10 out of 10 customer experience. Less than a 10?  Call the CEO's cell phone:  540-751-8411 (Yes, this is real!  Go ahead!)

How do we Understanding You Better?

We share your passion for all things Horse.  We are horse owners too!       


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