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  • How many products do you have?

    At any one time, Equestrian Collections has over 6000 products and 75,000 size/color combinations.  That number changes daily, as our product offerings are automatically adjusted nightly based on the contents of our brand partners warehouses.  

    Additionally, we are adding new product lines all the time - as seasons change, and we find brands we think will interest you.

  • How are they chosen?

    Our mantra at Equestrian Collections is that "YOU get to choose".   We believe that our customers want to make their own choices from the incredible selection that our major brands have brought to the market place.

    Equestrian Collections features the entire products lines of the brands that are on our site, so you can see every piece that they designed for you... then make your choices to best suit your requirements.  No-one can do it better than you.

  • Why so many choices?

    Equestrian Collections has the largest selection of products of any equestrian website.   We are continually adding brands and products that add value to your shopping experience.  We feature the entire product lines of the major brands in the industry, plus some smaller boutique lines that are focused on a particular area of our sport.

    Because of our highly sophisticated site navigation, you can choose to shop any way that suits you... by gender, discipline, brand, price... or any combination of those.   Your choices will speed you along, so that making your final purchasing decisions is quicker and easier than ever before.


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